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Decatur Utilities Outage Notification


How you can stay informed when utility service is interrupted


At Decatur Utilities, our goal is to keep electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater service at 100% reliability. And while we come very close to that, there are situations where your utility service could be interrupted. These interruptions fall into two categories - planned and unplanned.


Planned interruptions typically affect very small areas and are related to work projects that require us to temporarily stop service in order to make a repair, perform maintenance, or tie in a new service. If we have an active phone number or email address in our billing system, we will notify you using all available means. If we are not able to reach your or leave a message, we will attempt to leave a door hanger and make you aware of the planned interruption. 


Unplanned outages occur when we experience storms or unexpected equipment failures. Depending on the scope of the outage, the number of customers affected, and the duration, DU has implemented an outage notification process to keep our customers informed. At the point an outage has locked out a circuit breaker coming from one our substations (typically affecting a few hundred customers or more), we will begin sending out notifications using the following traditional and social media outlets: 



Social Media/Online resources


- Interactive GIS outage map 


Local traditional media outlets


WDRM - 102.1 FM

WEKI -94.7 FM/1490 AM

WHOS - 800 AM

WBHP - 1230 AM

WQRV - 100.3 FM

WVNN 92.7 FM/770 AM

WQAH 105.7 FM

WAY-FM 88.1 FM

WZYP - 104.3 FM

WRSA  - 96.9 FM

WRTT - 95.1 FM

WLRH - 89.3 FM



WHNT - 19

WAAY - 31

WAFF - 48

WZDX - 54

WYAM - 51

Consult your cable or satellite guide for the correct channel.



The Decatur Daily



The Decatur Daily



Power outage preparedness

Keep a battery powered radio or television and at least TWO flashlights accessible for electrical outages. (Make sure to store the appropriately sized batteries separately and replace them every six months even if not used.) 

For a full list of the items to keep in your emergency outage kit, click here.


For more information:

Joe Holmes, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator

O: 256-552-1444

C: 256-654-4970