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EnergyRight is back - and better than ever! 


eScore offers online and in-home energy evaluations PLUS ...

Financing is available on your DU bill for heat pumps and more


Frustrated with rising energy bills? Does your home stay uncomfortable because your old, inefficient heating or cooling system simply can't keep up? Ready to make improvements - but just don't have the cash? TVA and DU have answers!


TVA EnergyRight Solutions -


Do-It-Yourself Energy Evaluation

This easy self evaluation allows residential customers to play an active role in saving energy in their homes. Simply complete an online or mail-in home energy evaluation and receive a free energy conservation kit. You will also receive a customized energy report to help you understand where your home is wasting energy - and how you can fix those expensive leaks!


eScore In-Home Energy Evaluation

logomark-rgb-10geScore is a program developed through a partnership between TVA and Decatur Utilities. eScore provides homeowners with a simple way to make existing homes as energy-efficient as possible. 


1. Go to and register your account.


2. Find and select a member of our Quality Contractor Network. Select a contractor and begin making energy efficiency improvements. Even if you have already had work performed by a QCN member, you can request rebates and financing - just provide them with your eScore Customer Site ID.


3. Request an eScore evaluation. Evaluations are conducted by Conservative Services Group, an authorized TVA contractor. The fee for the evaluation is $150. Your home will receive a "eScore" rating from 1 to 10 and a list of recommended steps you can take to improve your energy efficiency and increase your eScore. You can implement all of the recommendations at once OR do them in phases. Either way, every step you take will help improve your efficiency and reduce your energy consumption.


Financing Options


How to obtain a loan:


All persons applying for the loan must be listed on an active utility account with Decatur Utilities.


Loans are financed through Regions Bank once an approved contractor has been chosen. In order to choose a contractor, customers should register at to receive a 13-digit number that begins with the letter "C". Once the customer receives this number and has a User ID and Password, they will be able to access eScore information including the contractor list, energy efficiency tips, etc.


Customer then chooses a contractor from the approved list. Contractor will prepare the necessary paperwork and submit it to Regions Bank. If application is approved, the contractor will install the unit. If the application is not approved, Regions Bank will contact the customer by mail.


Once the unit is installed, the contractor will forward paperwork to Decatur Utilities. Decatur Utilities will add the monthly loan payment to the customer's DU utility bill and file a lien against the property.


Current interest rate is determined by TVA.

Repayment period is 10 years or less per customer request. Once the loan is processed, the time period for repayment cannot be changed.


Contractor will calculate the monthly payment and relay this to customer.


TVA loans are not tax deductible.


How to payoff loan:

Customer can pay off the TVA loan at anytime without additional penalty.


Customer should contact the Billing Department to obtain current payoff balance.


DU does not accept partial lump sum payments.


Once the payoff is received, the monthly payment is removed from the customer's acount and the lien is terminated.


The loan is not assumable or transferable.


If the house is being sold, the TVA loan must be paid in full.


An authorization to release information is needed from the customer for Decatur Utilities to release payoff information to a realtor, attorney, etc.


eScore Upgrade Rebates


Customers can receive certain rebates for replacement windows, storm windows, attic insulation, etc. 


Click here for the eScore Upgrade Rebate Schedule - Effective 10-1-18


eScore New Homes Incentives


Click here for eScore New Homes Incentives Schedule - Effective 10-1-18


Click here for eScore New Homes Program Guidelines - Effecitve 10-1-18