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Surplus property for sale


Riverview Ave. SE (North of Church St.)


Decatur Utilities Electric Department has property for sale. The property is the former site of an electric substation and wastewater pump station located on Riverview Avenue SE north of Church Street. The property is 12,000 sq ft more or less and contains associated easements for existing utilities. The subject property is zoned M-2. Note: the property as planned for sale has limited right-of-way access and may require special provisions and approval by the City of Decatur Planning Department that may affect the terms of the sale of this property.


The description is as follows:
Parcel Number 0304201001003000. Located north of Church Street on the west side of Riverview Avenue SE where Riverview Avenue SE dead ends into Railroad Avenue.


Decatur Utilities will be accepting sealed bids on the property. Acceptance of the winning bid and final sale of the property will be subject to approval of the Decatur Utilities Municipal Utilities Board and the Decatur City Council. The minimum bid price has been set at $8,650.00 based on Morgan County Tax assessment Land Value and associated property survey expenses.

Sealed bids will be accepted until May 4th, 2018 at 2:00 pm local time and should be sent to the following:
Decatur Utilities
Attn: Jon Aldridge
P.O. Box 2232
Decatur, Alabama 35609

The bid must be in a sealed envelope and clearly labeled as follows:
Decatur Utilities Riverview Avenue Property Sale Bid


A Bid Bond or cashier’s check in an amount of not less than five percent (5%) of the total amount bid (but not more than $10,000) must accompany each proposal. The payee of such bond or cashier’s check shall be Municipal Utilities Board of Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama. The Bid Bond or cashier’s check shall bear the same date as that set for receipt of bids.


Any questions regarding bid submittal should be directed to Jon Aldridge 256-552-1474 or for property location or description to Jodee Vick 256-552-1418. Note: it is recommended that all potential bidders contact Jodee Vick to obtain additional information related to the property layout, easements and right-of-way access.


Riverview property Layout for Advertisement