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July 30, 2017


Why I Live United


JoeH   You probably didn't even notice her while you were checking out at WalMart the other day. She looked perfectly normal....eight years old, blonde hair, picture of health. What you couldn't see is what was lying beneath the surface.


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October 8, 2015

When things go bump in the night...

MillerThumb   If you find that your yard is dark outside and you would like to shed a little light on it, Decatur Utilities offers a program just for that. DU’s Security Light Program offers a number of choices for different wattages of security lights, depending on what your needs are.


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September 4, 2014

"Get on the Bus" has huge impact on DU employees 

PaulNosalLinkedIn   As someone who works in human resources and employee relations, one of my great joys is watching employees grow both in their professional and personal lives. Recently, DU participated in the United Way’s “Get on the Bus” tour and gave our employees the opportunity to visit several non-profit agencies and programs.


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August 5, 2014

Has anyone seen my beeper and bag phone? 

JoeH   Communication. Wow, has the context of that word changed over the past 25 years. No longer are beepers and bag phones enough. Customers demand 24/7/365 access to information about the things that affect their lives - including utility service. DU is now using traditional and new media outlets to keep you informed.


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July 3, 2014 

Utility infrastructure is the key to a great quality of life.

RayHardin   Utility services provide the foundation of infrastructure needed for any community to prosper and enjoy a high level quality of life. Since electricity, natural gas and water are essential to maintaining this quality of life, Decatur Utilities endeavors to deliver energy and water services in a safe, reliable and affordable manner.


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