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DU transitioning to new 24/7 self-service payment kiosks


As part of our transition to NISC, DU will soon be replacing the self-service payment kiosks at the Main Office on Central Parkway.


Three kiosks will be available for your convenience:


- One inside the Customer Service Lobby (Available M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

- One outside at the south end of the parking lot (Available 24/7)

- One located in the drive-thru lane (Available 24/7)


Kiosks accept cash, credit/debit cards and checks. A third-party $3.95 convenience fee will be applied to each credit/debit card transaction. There is no fee on check or cash transactions. No change is returned on cash transactions. The entire amount of cash deposited in the kiosk will be applied to the bill being paid.


To access you account at the kiosk, simply:

- Scan the bar code on your DU billing statement

- Enter your DU account number


You will be prompted to select your desired means of payment.


Then simply insert cash, check or debit/credit card to process the payment and receive your receipt.


Look for these new kiosks coming in July! Our existing kiosks will be available for use until that time.



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