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Why do I Live United?

Because the need NEVER ends.



Posted July 30, 2017


You probably didn't even notice her while you were checking out at WalMart the other day. She looked perfectly normal....eight years old, blonde hair, picture of health. What you couldn't see is what was lying beneath the surface.


You see, "Emily" was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle. The horrible act was discovered, charges were pressed and thanks to the North Alabama Child Advocacy Center, Emily was able to give her testimony in a safe environment a single time - sparing her from having to live the abuse over and over again at hearing after hearing.


Or maybe you passed someone in the parking lot who spends their nights at the Tennessee Valley Outreach or Salvation Army because they have nowhere to live - but who are trying their best to get a job and turn the corner to a better life.


Maybe you or someone you know has a loved one progressing through the final stages of Alzheimer's or cancer and Hospice of the Valley is providing comfort and dignity through end-of-life care. Or perhaps one of your children attend a local school where Hospice provided grief-counseling last year when local schools suffered a rash of accidental student deaths.


Maybe your mother or grandmother gets a hot meal each day from Meals on Wheels. Or maybe you are like me and the local Boys and Girls Club provided you with a safe place to go after school.


Every day (and I mean EVERY DAY) there are people throughout Morgan County who recieve the direct services of one of United Way's 29 non-profit agencies. Annually more than 30,000 (or ONE in THREE) of us will have that need. That's why I LIVE UNITED and contribute to United Way through payroll deduction.


United Way takes the money pledged each year and, with the help and oversight of local business leaders, allocates it to our local agencies. I LIVE UNITED because I have seen first-hand how this United Way staff squeezes each penny donated to keep overhead low and the vast majority of funds flowing to the agencies.


I LIVE UNITED because I've grown to love these agencies and their employees - and I deeply appreciate the work they do to impact our local community.


And I LIVE UNITED because this morning there were still hungry kids in Morgan County (more than you would ever imagine)....and there are still homeless men and women needing a helping hand....and there are still elderly longing for a touch and a hot meal...there are still hurting people of all ages all around us.


Until the day we can declare poverty eradicated and disease defunct, the need will continue. That's why I LIVE UNITED.


If your company offers payroll deduction for United Way, consider becoming a contributor. You won't regret it. And if your company doesn't offer United Way as an option, have your HR manager or CEO contact me at 256-552-1444 and I'll be glad to come show them how simple it is to get involved.


United We....make a difference!




Joe Holmes

Communications and Public Relations Coordinator


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