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If you hear things that go bump in the night...

Light it up with DU's Security Light Program!


Posted October 8, 2015


MillerOctober is here along with all the wonderful things that come with it. The temperatures cool off, kids get a break from school, and my personal favorite, Pumpkin flavored everything can be found! I’m sure you have noticed that along with the wonderful things that come with the fall also comes the spooky; before long little ghosts and goblins may be out knocking on doors or plundering car trunks for candy. You may have looked out your windows and realized hey it’s dark out there… REALLY dark and when things go bump in the night, it might be not just be the neighbor’s cat.


If you find that your yard is dark outside and you would like to shed a little light on it, Decatur Utilities offers a program just for that. DU’s Security Light Program offers a number of choices for different wattages of security lights, depending on what your needs are. A a small monthly fee is added to your bill each month. There is no need to turn it on because it’s automatic! It turns on in the evenings and shuts off at dawn. But the best part is that it is completely maintenance free! There is no need to change the bulbs; we’ll do it for you. If a tree branch damages it, no problem – we’ve got your back.


So the next time things go bump in the night, with a DU security light you’ll be able to see that pesky cat and give it the boot. If you’re interested, please feel free to give us a call at 256-552-1400. I’d be more than happy to set up an appointment and be a part of the solution to your lighting needs. Who knows? Maybe with a DU security light you'll able to find a little "peace of mind" – something you won’t find in a trick or treat bag! I look forward to serving you.


For more info on rates click here.


Derek Miller
Utility Engineer
Decatur Utilities

Security lights differ from larger Street Lights which are paid for by the City of Decatur. Please refer inquiries about Street Lights to Sgt. Justin Lyons at the City of Decatur Police Department.


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