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Utility infrastructure is important to a great quality of life.

At DU, we take that responsibility seriously.



Posted July 3, 2014


Utility services provide the foundation of infrastructure needed for any community to prosper and enjoy a high level quality of life. Since electricity, natural gas and water are essential to maintaining this quality of life, Decatur Utilities endeavors to deliver energy and water services in a safe, reliable and affordable manner. As a leader in our community, DU works every day to ensure the quality of service that our customers have come to expect.


Most days, the work and effort it takes to provide those services takes place behind the scenes and may not be readily noticed by the general public. However, in this our 75th year of operation, we have expanded our normal audit publication to create DU's first ever Annual Report. Our hope is that you, our customers, will gain a better understanding of DU's connection to the community through a more in-depth view of our business, our people and our values.


The last five years have seen a significant investment in each utility system, strengthening our ability to provide reliable service and protect the environment. We will remain aggressive in this effort for the near and long term. Even with that investment and rising regulatory costs, DU customers enjoy the lowest cost for utility services of any community in Alabama. We are committed to continuing the tradition of connecting to our community by delivering reliable utility services at a great value with outstanding service. 

We are proud to serve you.


Ray Hardin

General Manager


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