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Communication has changed - and we are changing with it! 


Posted August 5, 2014 



Communication. Wow, has the context of that word changed over the past 25 years. After graduating from the University of Alabama in 1988, I began my career as the managing editor of a twice-weekly newspaper in Haleyville, Alabama. We published on Mondays and Thursdays – all the news that was fit to print.


Residents of that small town relied on the Northwest Alabamian to keep them informed about what was happening – wedding anniversaries, birthdays, community events, specials at the Piggly Wiggly…and maybe an occasional story about the City Council. We had no social media – just the newspaper, a few TV channels and landline telephones.


Today, we have the ability to communicate instantly – 24/7/365. In fact, we have grown accustomed to accessing the news and other information we want anytime and anywhere.


At Decatur Utilities we are putting processes in place to communicate more quickly and effectively with our more than 30,000 customers. ONE of the platforms we are using is social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We are also exploring enhanced technology that will allow us to send out email notifications and text messages directly to customers.


All that’s great – but it only works if YOU are engaged in the process. To build our social media base and increase our database of contact emails and cell phone numbers, we recently launched the “Click and Win” Social Media Contest. You can find the details here, but in short, this is a way of encouraging you to connect with us on various platforms.


Social Media allows DU to communicate with “connected” customers during outages and other emergency situations. In addition to using traditional outlets like local radio, TV and newspapers, we will continually post updated outage information to the DU Facebook page and send out Tweets. In the future, we will able to send out email notification and text alerts to specific customers begin affected.


I hope you will take advantage of the contest and sign up to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin, and provide us with your email and/or cell phone number. You could win a great prize – but more than that, you will be helping DU improve how we communicate.


Always proud to serve you,


Joe Holmes
Communications and Public Relations Coordinator


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