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DU revises deposit policy effective April 1


Change affects only customers disconnected twice in 12-month period


DU has revised its deposit policy with changes effective April 1 that apply only to residential customers who are disconnected for non-payment twice within a 12-month period. Residential customers who are disconnected twice within a 12-month period will be required to increase their deposit to such an amount that is equal to twice the customer class average monthly bill.


DU encourages customers to contact the Customer Service well in advance of the disconnection date to make payment arrangements and discuss local agencies that can possibly provide assistance.



Customers are billed once a month for servcies used the previous. The dates of service are clearly displayed on the biling statement along with the amount of each service consumed.


A late fee is assessed on any amount not paid the by the DUE DATE shown on the bill. Customers are given 14 days past the due date to pay the current charges and penalty amount without any interruption of service. 


If service is disconnected for non-payment, a reconnection fee of $80 will be charged to re-establish the service ($125 if after normal business hours) plus the previous bill balance plus the new deposit amount.


To avoid the additional fees and deposit required, customers should contact Customer Service at 256-552-1400 as soon as they realize they will have a problem paying the amount due so possible payment arrangements can be made.



More information:

Joe Holmes, communications and public relations coordinator

PH: 256-552-1444