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DU recognizes National Work Zone Awareness Week


March 25, 2015 


WorkZoneDecatur Utilities is encouraging its customers - and all motorists in the River City - to "Pay a mind to the signs" and approach all work zones with caution.


"Every year there are numerous fatalities due to vehicle crashes in work zones where road or utility crews are present," said Joe Holmes, DU's communications and public relations coordinator. "National Work Zone Awareness week is an effort to call attention to these dangers and encourage people to slow down whenever they approach one of the zones."


Holmes said work zones come in all shapes and sizes. "In some instances we may simply have cones out around a small area where crews are working. In other cases, like the Hwy. 31 N causeway, an entire lane can be closed for a mile and traffic merged. In any case, the same rules apply: slow down and be aware."


The dangers of distracted driving are clearly documented, with multiple deaths attributed to texting, talking on the phone or performing other actions while driving. The danger of driving distracted escalates exponentially in a work zone. "Often these crews are working just a few feet from the flow of traffic. It takes only a split second to become distracted, swerve ever so slightly and come in contact with a worker or piece of equipment."





For more information:

Joe Holmes, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator

O: 256-552-1444

C: 256-654-4970