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DU 2018 natural gas leak survey underway


September 14, 2018


HeathWebDecatur Utilities has begun its annual quality control survey of the DU natural gas system to ensure public safety and the proper operation of gas lines and meters. The survey will check for leaks in natural gas mains maintained by DU and for leaks in service lines in the city’s business districts and around homes in residential areas of southwest Decatur (north of Auburn St. SW and west of Memorial Dr. SW and northwest Decatur (west of Memorial Dr. NW).

The Federal Department of Transportation and the Alabama Public Service Commission require the survey of gas mains and services within the city’s business district annually and other system gas mains and services every five years.  DU opts to survey all natural gas system mains each year. Vehicles moving at slow speeds (approximately 3-5 miles per hour) will conduct the survey throughout the DU natural gas system both during the day and at night.

Heath Consultants of Houston, Texas, a specialist in gas leak detection, will perform the survey. Vehicles operated by Heath Consultants will be clearly identified with the company’s name. In order to check for service line leaks, Heath Consultants employees will require access to customer property and the gas meter. Heath Consultants employees will present identification and will explain their purpose for being on private property. 

During this survey, any gas leaks found on DU equipment will be repaired and gas service restored.  If gas leaks found do not involve DU equipment, the homeowner or business will be notified and gas service will be disconnected until the customer completes repairs.

It is anticipated this work will be completed by late December 2018. For additional information regarding the survey, please contact Jerry Parker, measurement and compliance supervisor, by e-mail at or by phone at (256) 552-1404. 


For more information:

Joe Holmes

Communications and PR Coordinator