1002 Central Parkway SW
PO Box 2232
Decatur, AL 35609
Report utility service interruptions:
Call 256-552-1400
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Purchasing Information
Decatur Utilities is dedicated to providing quality utility services at the lowest rates possible for our customers. Our vendors and contractors are a very important part of obtaining that mission.
To be considered as a vendor for Decatur Utilities, you must complete the Vendor Application form at the link below. Please make special note of the documentation to be included with your application.
Vendor Application (For vendors supply goods and materials only.)
To be considered as a contractor providing services to DU, please complete the Bidder Application form below. Please make special note of the documentation to be included wiht your application.
Bidder Application (For contractors performing on-site work.)
Contact Information:
Decatur Utilities
Purchasing Department
P.O. Box 2232
Decatur, AL 35609-2232
Phone: (256) 552-1474
Fax: (256) 552-1492
Materials and Services for Bid
The following is a listing of current materials and services to be provided by sealed bid. Purchases which are handled by phone or fax quotation are not listed below. To obtain additional information, bid documents or specifications on any of the below bid requests, please contact the Purchasing Department.
Current bid opportunities: