1002 Central Parkway SW
PO Box 2232
Decatur, AL 35609
Report utility service interruptions:
Call 256-552-1400
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Decatur Utilities is located in Decatur, Alabama and is a municipal utility owned by the City of Decatur. Decatur Utilities (DU) is the operating name of the Municipal Utilities Board of Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama. The Board was created by Local Act No. 89 of the Alabama Legislature in 1939. Decatur Utilities has 165 employees working to achieve our vision of being your “supplier of choice” for utility services.
Learn more about DU in our 2017 Annual Report - HERE!


Mission Statement
The mission of Decatur Utilities is to provide safe, reliable utility services at the lowest possible rate and meet the needs of customers and employees.


Management Staff
Front Row (L-R)
Gary Borden
Operations Manager
Ray Hardin
General Manager

Steve Pirkle
Business Manager and CFO

Back Row (L-R)

Glenn Boyles
Electric Manager

Tom Cleveland, P.E.
Water Resources Manager

Jimmy Evans
Gas, Water & Wastewater Operations Manager

Kim Baker
Customer Service Manager
Janice Armor
Executive Assistant (retired 05/18)
John Kuhlman
Information Systems Manager

Not pictured:

Rebecca Sheets
Executive Assistant (Eff. 05/18)


Board Members
(Board members serve nine year staggered terms)


 NealHollandJr                           TomCountsWeb                         AlCheathamWeb

Neal A. Holland, Jr.
Term expires June 30, 2023
Tom Counts
Term expires June 30, 2026
Al Cheatham
Term expires June 30, 2020


Board Member and General Manager Bios here.

Please click here to communicate with Board members. 
The Board meets monthly in the boardroom at Decatur Utilities' Main Office located at 1002 Central Parkway SW